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Spinal Muscular Atrophy       

SMA Warriors

Kaige Scanlon Kaige Scanlon Hi Cashel, Its me Kaige !! So buddy, I wanted to stop by and say Hello. I am going to be turning the big whopin' 9 years old this month!.5/27 Doctors told my mom I wouldn't be around to see my 2nd birthday, but I blew that prediction out of the water.:) I love to keep blowing the minds of my doctors who SAID I wouldn't make it and my life wouldn't be that of "quality". Huh? Well my mom says I am pretty cool , so I must be ... right? well I do plenty of cool things everyday, and shoot I have a family that loves the heck out of me. I have met other families that were told the same thing, and when they met me they became rejuvenated with HOPE. :) Now that's a pretty cool feeling. Well I want to tell you I freakin love SPONGEBOB!!!,music,long walks,and I am an avid bowler.Also my new addiction is my new Ipad :). So buddy I will talk with ya later. High Five 155748975