Sofia Maxine Scott Sofia Maxine Scott This is Sofia Maxine Scott. She was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 in January 2012 at 5 1/2 months old. Now Sofia is 10 months old and fighting everyday. She loves watching Mickey Mouse everyday and playing with her older sister Caitlin. In her community alone through a church sermon interview video, she has raised so much awareness for SMA and has a large army praying for her. Her eyes speak so much without her even making a sound. We know that Sofia is here to teach us all something great! 157420880 166942317 HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY TO SOFIA!!! Sofia has been in the hospital but that or SMA is going to stop her from having her 1st BIRTHDAY!!! AND SMILING THE WHOLE TIME!!! Let's all send prayers and 1st birthday wishes to Sofia and her family!!! We are all praying for you Sofia!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 166942319