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Spinal Muscular Atrophy       

SMA Warriors

Skyler McAdams Skyler McAdams Skyler, at 18 months, holding her favorite Jessie the Cowgirl doll - and watching her sister's Halloween parade at the elementary school :) 157421508 Now meet Skylar McAdams, she is a busy girl! Hi Skylar you look like you have grown since you shared the pic of you at the Halloween Parade! I am the opposite of you I ALWAYS have to have socks on! LOL Stay strong and Happy :) from Skylar's mom, Kim Millett McAdams Good morning, Cashel, from Miss Skyler! Skyler is Type I, 11 years-old, and we call her our little pixie. She LOVES all things faerie-ish. She also loves putting on WAY off-Broadway productions with our family, singing, reading Nancy Drew books, collecting Creepy Rag Dolls, and, of course, watching movies. Her most "recent" favorites are "Tangled" and "Gnomeo and Juliet" :) Just thought we'd drop by and say, "Howdy!" and that we hope you have a terrific day!! (As you can see from the photo, as girly as she can be at times, Skyler loves to wear sports gear, like football jerseys, and to constantly have bare feet. We call her our female version of Huck Finn ;)) ? 166941771